Saturday, 2 May 2009

New family courts are called 'corrupt'

The new family courts were packed with journalists probably for the first and last time after the journalists found out just how restricted they are going to be on reporting anything but the courts have already been attacked by Parents Against Injustice for denying parents who have had children removed from them access to their personal files. The system has been labelled "corrupt".
The campaign group's head Alison Stevens has asked Justice Secretary Jack Straw to force social services and the courts to comply with the Data Protection Act and make the information available, with the very strong suggestion that they're hiding it for a reason.
Accusing councils of playing God, she said: "Local authorities have to send the requested files within 40 days ...but they are often not following public law guidelines. It's corruption within the system. They are playing God, and there must be some reason why perhaps to hide things they have got wrong in the cases."

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