Friday, 22 May 2009

Baby P's mum 'free in 3 years'

FURY erupted today as it emerged Baby P's evil mum could walk free in just over THREE YEARS.
The 27-year-old was ordered to serve a minimum of five years in jail for causing or allowing the death of little Peter who suffered nine months of horrific abuse.
But the "manipulative and self-centred" mum could be out much sooner as she has already spent 644 days in custody.
Today The Sun launches a petition calling on its loyal army of millions of readers to demand the Attorney General acts NOW to get justice for tragic Baby P.
We want increased sentences handed to the child's mum, his sick stepdad and their paedophile lodger.
Baby P's evil stepdad could be free in just EIGHT YEARS while lodger Jason Owen may serve less then 12 MONTHS.
Kidscape chief executive Michele Elliott slammed the pathetic sentences and said she believed the lad's tormentors should NEVER be released.
The children's charity head blasted: "Where can you start? We would have preferred to have seen them all in prison for life - and life meaning life.
"The maximum is 14 years and I would have liked them not to have been considered for parole until then."
Baby P's 32-year-old stepdad was jailed for life with a minimum of just ten years today for the rape of a two-year-old girl.
The monster was handed a 12 year sentence to run concurrently for causing or allowing the death of Baby Peter.
But as he has also already spent 644 days in custody he could be released in as little as eight years.
Owen, 37, could be free in less than twelve months after being told today he would spend a minimum of three years behind bars.
He has spent 235 days in custody.

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