Saturday, 16 May 2009

Foster baby dies with 13 broken ribs

A BABY who was born a heroin addict died with 13 broken ribs AFTER social workers handed her over to foster carers.
Chelsey Essex, whose junkie mother has had three drug-addicted babies, was taken into care five weeks after her birth.
But following the tots death of a massive heart attack caused by a stomach infection, a pathologist discovered evidence of the broken ribs.
The non-accidental injuries were revealed in an independent report that criticised social workers over their monitoring of the foster parents, named only as Mr and Mrs A.
The review revealed Chelseys rib injuries probably happened four weeks before she died as a result of forceful squeezing by an adult.
There was also extensive nappy rash and healing tears inside her lips consistent with a slap or force-feeding.
The pathologist said the injuries had not contributed to her death.
The review said the decision by authorities in Rotherham, South Yorks, to place Chelsey with the couple was inappropriate and added there had been inadequate level of supervision and review.

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