Sunday, 8 February 2009

Baby P chief speaks at last ... but there's no sign of an apology

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The disgraced council boss sacked over the Baby P scandal is under fire for failing to apologise for the toddler's death during her first interview since her sacking.
Instead, Sharon Shoesmith, the former £100,000-a-year head of Haringey council children's services, blamed everyone but herself.
Among others, she attacked Ministers for their handling of the affair, accused the Press and public of a witch-hunt and claimed she was blatantly discredited by an independent inquiry.
And she described in self-pitying detail the tragedy's toll on herself and her family, causing dismay yesterday among those close to the case.
Ann Walker, the childminder who repeatedly warned social services about the toddler's pitiful condition, told The Mail on Sunday that Mrs Shoesmith should have 'either apologised or said nothing at all'.

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