Sunday, 3 February 2008

Crystal Walton at Play with Mummy and Daddy Video - 'Stop Injustie Now' Will Never Give Up Fighting

This Video Is In 2 Parts:
This is the last video of Crystal Walton before She Was Stolen / Kidnapped by Enfield Social Services. This was filmed at a contact centre, this film was made before the UK courts put A 15 year Injunction on us, to stop us talking about our own Daughter. As this film was already in the public domain before the injunction, I’m not breaking the law by making it public again. Social Services Lie, Steal and Cheat, so they can kidnap children to meet Adoption Targets. We will keep our Daughter in the public eye for as long as I can, when I can’t do it, someone else will. There is not a court in the whole of the world that will stop me talking about any of my children.
Having A Child Stolen or Kidnapped Is Worse than Losing a Family Member to Death, It’s A Living Nightmare. You Have Been Warned Enfield Social Services, This also goes for all the other Social Services around the country, I Will Be Exposing All of You in Time!


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The Exile said...

Hello, I have been blogging a lot about the SS, but have only just found your site. I tried calling you on Skype...I don't know what I wanted to say, really.

I have blogged about your cause and put up the ribbon that you had on one of your sites. Please check out my efforts and let me know of any changes that you want me to make. My blog and my time are both at your orders.