Monday, 22 June 2009

Gran found hanged after grandkids put up for adoption

A DOTING Sheffield grandmother with a history of mental illness hanged herself at home just days after her grandchildren were put up for adoption, an inquest heard.
Angela Rowding suffered from "persecutory delusions" and believed that everyone including her neighbours, GP and the Prime Minister were conspiring together to take the youngsters away from her.
The 39-year-old had suffered an "adjustment disorder" a significant psychiatric reaction to change following the start of family court proceedings and hanged herself in her living room just five days after the final hearing.
She believed her house had been bugged and was convinced people were part of a conspiracy to find children for parents who wanted to adopt.
The Sheffield inquest heard Mrs Rowding, of Foxglove Road, Firth Park, had been seeing her GP for treatment of mental health problems since she was 21.
She had attempted suicide in 1991, 1994 and 2001, but had got control of her depression, and was the happiest her GP Jessica Tweeney "had ever seen her" following the birth of grandchildren.
But Dr Tweeney, from the Bluebell Medical Centre, told the court problems began to emerge in 2006 with Mrs Rowding complaining that she was being "watched".
She said: "It later became clear she held ideas that could not possibly be true."
But May of this year, although she was still "fabulous" with her grandchildren, Dr Tweeney said she had started to display paranoiac behaviour.

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