Friday, 11 September 2009


A doctor who was commissioned by the family courts to do research on personality disorders has revealed there are many more than first thought.
Dr Pindick was paid Pfund1000567987 by a family judge to assess thousands of parents whos children had been removed by social services.
He discovered that the new personality disorders include
loath and despise syndrome ..... a parents hatred of social workers
your all corrupt lying bastards syndrome..... a parents hatred of family courts.
stick your order up your arse syndrome....... parents refusing to be gagged.
He also discovered a new strain of turrets after observing many parents using language such as " fuck ss, fuck CAFCASS, all lying bastards, twats, Wankers "
He proclaimed these to be wildly abnormal and sectioned all parents to a mental institution on remote island in the Hebrides.
Our reporter visited the hospital and witnessed thousands of parents wearing a straight gag which is a new device fitted around the mouth to prevent them saying obscenities.

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