Tuesday, 20 January 2009

'Too late' for child death probe

Full Artice: http://www.stopinjusticenow.com/news/archive/2009/january/19/01.htm

Any changes prompted by an inquiry into Birmingham social services after eight children died over three years would be "too little too late", an MP said.
Perry Barr MP Khalid Mahmood said work had to be done to improve the department's procedures but said it came too late for some children.
His comments came as the city council was working with a government intervention team.
The council has said the number of deaths had not increased annually.
The eight children who died had all been known to social services in the city.
A recent report by children's services watchdog Ofsted detected "inadequacies" in the council's ability to safeguard vulnerable children.
A council spokesman said they had been working with the government on the issues since December.
'Do something'

Full Article: http://www.stopinjusticenow.com/news/archive/2009/january/19/01.htm

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