Saturday, 20 December 2008

Freed babysitter's jail torment (BBC News)

From the moment she was convicted of child murder babysitter Suzanne Holdsworth was mentally abused and taunted in jail. But the 38-year-old does not blame her fellow inmates for their treatment of her during the three years she was locked up for the killing of two-year-old Kyle Fisher. Speaking to the BBC by telephone from prison, she said: "When I went in I was abused and called a 'nonce'. "I would go back to my cell and cry and cry and cry. "But I can't fault people, I would have been exactly the same. They thought I was a murderer. "But I was innocent and had done nothing wrong." Ms Holdsworth's nightmare began in 2004 when she was looking after Kyle, the son of her teenage neighbour Clare Fisher. Ms Holdsworth was caring for him at her home in Hartlepool when he suffered a fit.During her 999 call she said the youngster's eyes were rolling and he had gone floppy. But the police insisted the former supermarket worker had battered Kyle's head against the banister in her home in Millpool Close in a bout of rage. In March 2005, a jury agreed with the prosecution case and Ms Holdsworth was given a life sentence and told she would spend at least 10 years behind bars.
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