Friday, 24 October 2008

Accused of Child Abuse ‘Permanently bruised’ – This Morning

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Imagine having to deal with suspicious stares from strangers, constant questions, and even accusations of beating your own child, all on a daily basis.This is the reality faced by mum Jacqui Slater, 44, who's eight year old daughter Bethan suffers from a rare condition which means she looks as though she is constantly covered in bruises.Bethan has Glomuvenous Malformation or GVM, a rare genetic disorder which leaves her little body covered in painful swollen lesions. Determined to raise money to fund research into this little known condition, Jacqui and Bethan have decided to speak out.Jacqui says: "The condition is so rare that it really is a case of trial and error with Bethan's treatment. The doctor's priority is to halt the progression of the condition and stop more lesions developing.”Bethan's consultant Dr Syed has looked after Bethan since she a baby. She says: "Bethan has a particularly severe case of GVM. It seems to be progressing very quickly and that is what we want to stop. We are very happy with the effects of the Thalidomide at present, but it can have the side effect of nerve damage.”

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